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TreWell Fitness was established in September of 2012 with the idea of helping people accomplish their fitness and health goals through Functional and Callisthenics training. Being able to function in everyday life more efficiently and effectively while building a better and healthier you is our goal.

I believe in using your own body weight as our training tool. We use your body weight to help you:

  • tone up
  • gain better balance and stability
  • build strength
  • lose weight
  • increase endurance and maintain flexibility


Image of Trevor Trowell
Trevor Trowell
Founder/Certified Personal Trainer


I am indebted to the experience, drive, and dedication of Trevor in pushing me beyond what I thought possible.
I only have Trevor to thank for my progress.
If you are serious about getting fit, Trevor will lead you in the right direction.


Creative Core TrainingCreative Core Training is a personalized training system that is centered on creativity and building from the core.

The core is the essential part of your body where strength, agility, and well-being begins and ends. We believe our training sets us apart from others as we look outside the box to help build a better you. We address your limitations and fears and use them as motivation to produce results you never thought you could accomplish.

Creative Core Training builds on core strength, overall strength and sports performance as well stability, balance, control, and agility.

Our training will also build on intangibles like your well-being, quality of life and confidence. Creative Core is here to help you inside and out.

Creative Core has recently outgrown its space and is looking to expand. The expansion will accomodate Creative Core's current clients as well as provide a larger space for prospective clients looking to further their fitness experience. We would like to thank you for taking the time to further support Creative Core!


What makes us unique is our perspective not to follow industry trends or magazine topics on how to work-out or how to diet. We treat each client as an individual, we listen to their needs, and wants, and pay attention to how they train. We work to make adjustments to their training regimen to ensure their individual goals are met. Our vision is to make workout plans for our clients with equipment of their choosing, or using just their bodyweight, we will cater to their needs and abilities.

Whether it’s a gym, park, playground, backyard, basement, basketball court, soccer field, football field, corner room, beach, apartment or wherever you want to train, we will design a training program designed specifically for you. TreWell Fitness will bring you creativity, individuality, and real progress that you can’t get with another gym or company. We will create your training area anywhere you need us to be and we will bring that unique experience to you.

Send us pictures, and or videos, of the equipment you're planning to use along with pictures and videos of the area where you will be exercising. Once we have all of your information, we will create a plan designed specifically for you to follow.

Plan pricing

4-week plan $100
One 30-minute Skype session per plan

8-week plan $160
Two 30-minute Skype sessions per plan
One 15-minute Skype session per plan

12-week plan $200
Three 30-minute Skype sessions per plan
Two 15-minute Skype sessions per plan

For inquires and questions please email

Personal Training

New client introductory specials (all must be paid in full and sessions are to be fulfilled within 30 days of first session)

(Rates switch to normal personal training rates after the package is up)

Group Training (based on groups coming in together)

New group clients introductory specials (all must be paid in full and sessions are to be fulfilled within 30 days of first session)

Life is simple, but it’s not easy. Stay with consistent acts and patience and you will be alright. Life isn’t here to break you.
It’s here to make you.


Form a habit that will continue your growth to a better person every day. Every slight positive change is a move in the right direction.


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